Manuel Pellegrini may consider requirement if he does not find any suitable offer

Manuel Pellegrini has stated that he will consider retirement in case he does not find any suitable offer.

He wants to give himself some time to think about the different offers and then take a decision about his future. He admits that he loves football and that it will be hard for him to leave without the challenge of managing a top club.

At the moment, it is believed that Everton might be interesting in hiring Manuel Pellegrini but for the time being there are no concrete offers. The former Manchester City manager said that he has no problem to take a break from football if ever there is no interesting offer. He might even consider retirement altogether if ever there is no offer in the long run. However, it is hard to imagine that a qualified and successful manager such as Pellegrini will be out of work for long. We would probably have to wait after the Euros to find out which club he will be managing next season.

He has also commented his past season with Manchester City and stated that this was the least successful season he had in England. He believes that there various factors that have contributed to this poor season.

The first thing was that he made a mistake in announcing his departure so early in the season. This has resulted in his players losing motivation and determination on the pitch. For him, this was evident in the poor run of form that followed the announcement the arrival of Pep Guardiola as the next manager.

He believes that injuries to players such as Silva and Nasri have also been a major issue for the side since they were two of the most creative players in the team.

For the time being, he wants to spend time with his family and to take a break from football.