Man City Moves Into Champions League Semi Finals

Fans have their eyes set on Man City and Real Madrid game that is scheduled this evening.

They will be chasing their dream of winning the Champions League as they get into the semifinal rounds. Zinedin Zidane has been bolstering the confidence of his team and the Real Madrid team definitely seems ready to win over anyone at this moment. However Man City will surely not be an easy opponent to defeat.

The first leg of the semi final matches commence today. Man City has gotten out of the title race for the Premier League this time. Hence, the Champions League semi finals would be crucial for them. Manuel Pellegrini will also be scouting for the honor and glory as head of the team in this match and subsequent matches before the next season began. He will be leaving Lancashire and emptying his position for Pep Guardiola whose tenure will begin for the next season.

Real Madrid on the other hand, has been able to secure about fifteen goals in the last six games they played. They have won over teams like Getafe and Eibar in the quarter finals. Their most recent win was against Rayo Vallecano. In the quarter finals, Man City was able to defeat Paris Saint-Germain. It shows that Man City is in their best form on home grounds where they have won three games consecutively. Indeed, the game they played against Stoke City brought them wins at a score of 4-0 which shows their formidable strength when the team is in top form. Of course, there are several suspensions and injuries that will have to be endured, including that of Cristiano Ronaldo. On the other hand, Man City is comparatively in a fitter form to play. What remains to be seen is whether they win this crucial game which will keep them on the run for a prestigious title in the country as well as in the continent.