11 replies on “Gillette Soccer Special Man City Champions Reaction”

  1. as a city ,i was at my mates house on that day, and i was watching the coverage on the pc, and it was 2-1 to QPR at 89 mins, so i logged off and accepted the defeat and the title, when i got home i was greeted to cheers from my dad, and he had paused the city game at 90 mins, he asked whether i seen the game result, and i said yeah 2-1 QPR, my dad just said sit and watch, after watching the game for 5 mins it soon hit me we had won the league, best day of my life especially that aguero goal!!!

  2. ffs, for one moment, I thought you meant that Rag fan that can’t clap properly

  3. “and its blue moon you saw me standing alone” Merson hahahahhaa

  4. I was at the Spurs game while this was going on so I’m catching up with all the coverage – this is a fucking quality video. Fuck the actual resolution or that you’ve recorded it off the tv, it doesnt matter. I love the crowd reaction at Sunderland while Merson’s going bananas, it fits so perfectly, Sky Sports spot on once again.

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