25 replies on “Manchester City Football Club – 2011/2012 Premier League Champions”

  1. Yeah he is, I was drunk and in an irrationally generous mood. He was pretty good for City though. Drinking too much : just don’t do it !!

  2. I respect Joey Barton. Yes, you heard me right, I respect Joey Barton. He might be a bit mad but he know’s what’s right.

  3. “Kneed Nasri and thrown a headbutt into De Jong”

    Haha, Merson doesn’t have a fucking clue what’s going on.

  4. Ahahah Merson struggles so much to explain what Barton is doing around 5:10 :p

  5. So Manchester can’t be blamed for dropping points versus Blackburn, Newcastle, Wigan and City twice?

  6. Chelsea beat Barcelona in the Champions League last season. Man Utd went through a blip last season and English clubs don’t take the ‘Super Cup’ seriously. In the last 7 years, only one Spanish club has won the Champions League (Barcelona) whereas three English clubs have won it (Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea).

  7. Even i havent seen somethin like that this ever in a soccer game and it was fantastic!
    But i would like to admit, Paul Merson is one of the greatest neutral commentator you will ever see, and other those two jokers in his other side, its was a bad bloody utd day, City earned it and won it, burn your egos now!

  8. In terms of entertainment yes it is, but in terms of technical ability and quality of football, la liga is better. Bilbao beat Man utd in europa league last season, Athletico madrid beat chelsea 4-1 this season. Two averaage la liga sides beat two big sides in the premier league. Shows that la liga teams play more technical and effective football

  9. i couldnt get my stream to work & as the ball went out for a corner (dzeckos goal) i rebooted & started to text my raggy m8s congrats & got several eff offs back lol

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