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  1. Contre une equipe All Blacks assez impressionnante. Kelleher, Sivivatu, Rokocoko, Carter….
    Et une equipe de France pas mal non plus !

  2. putain les 10 derniers minutes font parties des plus vibrantes de ma vie concernant le sport.

  3. À l'époque à la fin du match je chouiner comme un gosse. Rien qu'à la marseillaise j'ai de nouveau des frissons.mais putain qu'elle belle équipe de France.

  4. As an Australian, I watch this video every year after our inevitable Bledisloe cup loss.

  5. Très beau match que j'aime revoir !! Mais il faut avouer que le dernier essai des français aurait dû être refusé. Le en avant est plutôt évident, mais comme dit le commentateur, " on a rien vu, on a rien vu ".

  6. Il n'y jamais eu en avant sur la passe … C'était un match équilibré , qui s'est joué sur peu de choses . Les frustrés et les chauvins , passez votre chemin

  7. that french guy on the end is trying not to laugh at Ali Williams. Ali Williams a white kid from Ponsonby, Lol !!!

  8. Sir Graham Henry wrote in his autobiography about a conspiracy against the All-Blacks. Conspiracy between England and France to beat the All Blacks at the 2007 world cup in France. The All Blacks players themselves were rested from the Super Rugby competition earlier that year and all had gone through intense training and some of the players were 10-15 kilos heavier so, the All Blacks turned up well rested and looking bigger and badder than ever and England and France shat themselves and decided the only way to beat this All Black team is to conspire together and cause the referee to have a negative influence on the All Blacks on the day during the game. Which is exactly what happened. It was a learning process for the All Blacks and they now have tactics set in place to take the ref out of the game, to not let the ref have such a big influence on the result of a game as Wayne Barnes did in this historic bad display of reffing.

  9. This match proved a watershed moment for the All Blacks. They took a good, long hard look at what happened that night and have since gone on and won the next two World Cups. They made mistakes back then with their policies and perhaps they did underestimate the French to some extent. The French played well to deserve their win but the reality is that they were helped by the then IRB's idiotic decision to give a very inexperienced referee such a big match, when he would've been better off refereeing the Argentina vs Scotland or South Africa vs Fiji Quarter Finals. French people will turn around and say that Craig Joubert cost them the 2011 Final against the All Blacks, but his performance was far superior to Wayne Barnes' in 2007. He gave France at least two or three kickable penalties in the second half of the 2011 Final, which they couldn't convert. Barnes penalized the French only twice in the 2007 game and not beyond the 31st minute. It was a simple case of a referee freezing like a possum in the headlights and the missing of a quite blatant forward pass from him and his officials was just the cherry on top of the icing, on top of the cake.

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