19 replies on “French national anthem France v Scotland 2013”

  1. Congratulations for your veterans Day today France
    Its very important to honor them
    Wish all french people only the best for the future from your friends in Germany <3

  2. Good memories of France v England at Parc de Princes early eighties with Serge Blanco at his best. Great camaraderie and atmosphere pre-match lives long in the memory! Merci beaucoup.

  3. Lets hope Wembley sings the French anthem like this on Tuesday night for the England v France football friendly

  4. Wow, nice one France!
    We really need your rugby fans to teach your football fans a bit though. I've often been disappointed in the French football fans being so quiet. You'd imagine such an old and proud country to blow people away, but that rarely happens in football. Such a great anthem deserves loud fans! 🙂

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