Pep Guardiola’s transformation extends beyond the pitch

Upon signing with Manchester City back on February of 2016, the initial target that was laid on Pep Guardiola was to revolutionize the Premier League club and to convert it into not only as one of the best teams in England and push them to win the Premier League title which they haven’t done since the season of 2013-14 but to also push City to a European elite team that can also compete and maybe even with the Champions League in the near future.

In order to make all of this happen and not only win the Premier League or the Champions League, a number of changes have had to happen not only inside the actual pitch but also outside of it as well.

Formation adjustments, tactical switches between players, playing style modification are some of the more evident shifts that Guardiola has made with his Manchester City squad when it comes to actually playing in the pitch but there have also been a number of alterations that the Spanish manager has made since arriving to the Etihad Stadium.

Guardiola has also banned his players from eating certain foods and sugary drinks as he wants his squad to be at their best in every single match and avoid going through any slips in form that might be caused from specific foods.

It has recently been revealed that another addition to his strict regime as he has also cut off Wi-Fi from certain spots at the Etihad Stadium and Sergio Aguero revealed details concerning this recent additional ban as the Argentine attacked said:

“It seems that one time, he entered the massage rooms and saw one of my team-mates, I don’t know who it was, relaxing with his phone and, I don’t know, maybe he did not like it.From then, he cut the internet. I didn’t know anything about it.What happened? We don’t have the internet here. In the dressing room, where everything is all closed, there is no signal’’

It does appear that this strict regime has indeed brought forward positive effects as Manchester City are at the top of the Premier League standings after having collected 18 points from the 7 opening matches of the season, Guardiola and supporters of the club are hoping that the players can continue this string of positive results and start lifting major pieces of silverware.