1. because every time they shagged your manu fans wives and girlfriends they fed them a buscuit…….

  2. what u going on about ? supporter with knives and guns have you ever been to a premiership match ? do u know what happens at them. I was at the city game against QPR and there was no trouble. the they went back to London we stayed in the stadium and celebrated. thats what happened CTID

  3. All these supporters that went to Etihad tried to murder every QPR player by taking guns and knives into Etihad and should had got taken out of Etihad sent to prison for trying to murder every QPR player and game should had got called off 0-3 to QPR and Sunderland 0-3 Manchester United that game should had been called off too because Sunderland fans tried to kill every United fan

    I go to see England at Wembley

    International football is better to watch it has more grown up respect

  4. i bet you canny wait till next seasons charade, Mingchester Cheaty v Queers Park Rats…whole family are rats, he’d have grown up to be a rat. Yah fuckin’ shower o’ wankers. 2 minutes in a Stock exchange is like 2 weeks, so the Stoke – Bolton game is finished right? Queers Park Rats don’t need to win right? So we take a fat cheque from the Arab crooks and let in two stupit goals at the end, RIGHT. FUCK YOU

  5. haha! Made it several years ago when i was shitfaced with my mate and now i regret it! I’m a united fan btw and i respect how qpr went about their business for 90 minutes, I think it was just the crowds reaction to when bolton drew and the players just switched off! United did well really to push city that close but we will be back next year and i have no doubt we will retain our title, well done on staying up 🙂

  6. I’d never have thought a person with the ID sukmydonkey would be so pedantic! Its so surprising I like it! 😉

  7. jaja exactly!!! he’s like beyond himself, I’ve been a city fan for a few years now and I screamed like a complete lunatic, so I can’t imagine how a guy that has been expecting for this moment his entire life must have reacted, but I guess watching this man helps you undertand…watching him is, well, very didactic!! XD

  8. As a QPR fan, I’m amused that we were 50 seconds away from causing the greatest upset in the League, yet we’ve been written out of history… I would be angry – but we put in a great performance, and THE RS ARE STAYING UP!!!! Our fans stayed in the ground celebrating with City. I’m glad it’s City’s title and not Man U’s but wouldn’t it have been funny if we had beaten them?!?! Great video though, as Ferguson said: “Bloody football”…

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