Words Of Praise To Sunderland Fans

Post their extraordinary support at the match at Wembley, Manchester City supporters wrote letters of admiration to the fans of Sunderland.  During the final of Capital Once Cup, supporters and players did Manchester City absolutely proud by showing extraordinary support both at the stand and the field. Showcasing their appreciation, city supporters have taken time out to praise and thank the Black Cat fans through these letters.

City Fan, Adam Kowalczuk, was cheering the Blues at Wembley, commented that to come out of the stadium post the celebration while being supported by Sunderland supporters was absolutely fantastic. He adds that this just wasn’t a single instance and they have faced such intensive support in numerous other occasions. Kowalczuk adds that this clearly showcases the real measure of individuals who stand by one’s club, and he cannot express in words the amount of admiration he feels for the Sunderland fans. He said that from this time onwards they will have one more fan who is looking out for the results.

He wished Sunderland supporters luck for the remaining part of the season, assuring that with support like this, Sunderland sure deserves a place in the Premier League.

Another Manchester City supporter, Susan Lowe was also at Wembley, and she too strongly praised the support Sunderland Fans gave. While they were going to the stadium, hundreds of fans from Sunderland applauded for the City Supporters. Lowe adds that she was with this particular lady of eighty one, and she cannot stress more on how many a times they were congratulated and hugged the Black Cat supporters, be it old or young.

It was refreshing for her to know that contrary to popular beliefs not all football fans are mere thugs, and he is much sure that if City had lost, their supporters wouldn’t have been as considerate.