25 replies on “Sergio Aguero Goal vs QPR – Manchester City Champions Premier League Winning goal HD”

  1. no it doesnt, he said “WHAT IF silly Mancs like you stopped making excuses for why you didn’t win the league” and you replied “how did you know it’s fat xD” it makes no sense.

  2. I am Chelsea fan but i’ve watched this 60 times, Well done Man City.. best of luck in Champions league, i hope all EPL teams do well in European Competitions

  3. As a united fan this is undoubtably amazing and only the stupid fans will be bitter about this. We we’re beaten twice as well as a thrashing at home, city were better. But when this happened I was happy to know that at least QPR got relegated as revenge. Then I found out they weren’t, I think I hate QPR more than city :L

  4. I remember everything that happened that day and will never forget it even tho it was disappointing for Newcastle

  5. I’ll never have to watch football again. It doesn’t get better than this, and i’m a Chelsea fan. Best moment in football ever.

  6. i am an arsenal fan and i hate man city… but what a wonderful football moment this was…

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