24 replies on “Realmadrid Life: Champions League, Real Madrid – Man City Special”

  1. man shitty buys the premier league
    Manchester United made the premier league with their blood and sweat
    (This is coming from a Real Madrid fan)

  2. Buy Classico. Two teams that can’t make talent so they buy players and referees. Get rich Money Madrid and Manchester Money.

  3. Not at all! The prem is argued to be more exciting, only because the top teams are not as dominant. Real Madrid and Barcelona are SO much stronger that it makes the teams below to appear weak, however the facts disagree. Atletico Madrid thrashing Chelsea, Bilbao (who didn’t finish top 4) thrashing Manchester United (who finished second).

  4. What???!!! Atletico Madrid just thrashed Chelsea! Bilbao thrashed Manchester United last season… Come on dude, you can’t argue with the facts

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