24 replies on “Real Madrid vs Manchester City Matchup Highlights Champions League Draw – The Mixer”

  1. Yh but Man Citys annual defenders, goalkeeper and David Silva did cost same as Ronaldo. So scums have never bought a player?

  2. ahahahahah,
    Madrid 0-1 City you guys : Naa na na NAAAAAAANANANANAAAAAAAAAAAA CITYYY
    1-1 ANIMO MADRID!!!!
    1-2 : Naaaaa nanan naaaaaaaaaaanana naaaaaaaaaaaa city……
    2-2 HALA MADRID!
    Us : Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nana naaaaaaananananaaaaaaaaaaaa RONALDOOOOOOOOOOO

  3. Man City didn’t park the bus they fucking crashed. Real Madrid landed the damn plane

  4. La Liga is the beast league. Very offensive, not defensive like Chellshit or Manchester Shitty. Actually Real Madrid is  only 12th in la Liga ;).

  5. chelsea is a fucking smell they won last champions league wiht much lucky the Athletico de Madrid rush them

  6. well.. then I guess it makes it an even bigger shame that they lost to real yesterday evening. and how the “citizens” were dominated…

  7. ahahahahahaha good one you plastic american fan boy. real madrid are just as rich as man city or PSG or any other club. the reason why people like you don’t think so is because madrid has history. when perez first came during the galacticos era he made record signings just as when sheikh took over city

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