25 replies on “Real Madrid v Man City – Champions League preview”

  1. This is how the final rank would look like:
    1) Real Madrid.
    2) Brussia Dortmund.
    3) Ajax.
    4) Manchester City.

  2. We buy internet rights for various leagues, but only to broadcast that footage in countries OUTSIDE the league in question. Otherwise the cost would be exorbitant, unfortunately!

  3. You should only be blocked from watching Ekstraklasa highlights and those involving your own national team. Pretty much everything else we put out is available for you to see.

  4. What’s exciting about this game is that both these teams have looked a bit ropey in defence of their league titles and will really want to kick off with a bang in this competition. They’ve both got such strong squads one could imagine this being the final next May.

  5. there’s that point of view, but if city progress, more revenue, come back to the premier league.. scary..

  6. Im a Liverpool fan but Real Madrid is my favourate spanish team but i will be routing for city because there representing England.

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