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  1. mate city have let fans down like that for years, its nothing new but we bounce back, whether it takes 35 years or 5 mins of extra time we bounce back

  2. exactly my point real madrid had supporters before since they were always a dominant figure in european football but ever since the arrival of CR7 there has been a lot of non european supporters..ones from asia/america…i wonder why? same goes for man city and even more so for uefalona

  3. Yeah, can’t remember the numbers but it used to be something like 100,000 man city fans before the abu dhabi takeover, now it’s millions. I don’t think C Ronaldo would go to Man City because I still think he’s got an attachment to Man Utd and wouldn’t want to betray that loyalty, but I’ve been surprised in football before. I’d love to see Messi go there though, would be interesting to see how he does in english football

  4. same shit for man city bro but just to a way less extent..i would not be surprised if man city becomes as big as utd or barcelona in the next few years if they are somehow managed to land a big and i mean BIG player such as falcao or messi (unlikely) or CR7

  5. A shit load of glory hunters supported Real before CR7 lol, they didn’t suddenly become a successful team overnight when he joined. Although I’m sure a lot of gaynaldo fans support them now that he’s there

  6. @quagmire7777 well QPR are shit. That’s how they lost 2 goals. Man city aren’t shit, but they aren’t the best. They should’ve kept it 2-1 but oh well they didn’t

  7. seriously u’r asking how many fans for the biggest club in FB history ,,well first v all about 3 quarters of Spain and thats a fact and in the rest v the world im sure their quite a lot..Ronaldo is not the biggest who played 4 us if anything he adds to our fans cuz he’s the biggest in the world,,but no player is bigger than the team not messi in barca or cr7 in madrid

  8. Manchester’s value is higher, but Real had higher revenue in 2011 than United (479,5m euros versus United’s 367m euros) and Real is reducing their debts every year. Their debt is certainly much lower than Bareclona’s.

  9. Man city now knows what it feels like to lose while your winning 2-1. (Cough Cough) QPR + Southampton LOL

  10. You don’t half write some bullshit… €500 Million profit???? HAHAHA. That would mean they would eclipse Man United and the Boston Red Sox as the biggest sporting franchise around, which is not true at all…. Real Madrid survive through Spanish Taxpayer money… Why do you think the goverment “bought” their old training ground for nearly €300 Million??? It’s how they’ve always been funded to clear their massive debts…

  11. LMAO do you know how Real managed to become successful in the first place???

    It was becasue General Franco poured money into the team to make them successful so the Spanish people would be distracted from the fact their country was falling to pieces…Real Madrid are also funded by the Government, they get huge handouts from the Spanish taxpayers (even during their terrible financial crisis) just to keep paying their massve bank loans, without it they would be nowhere… Learn the facts.

  12. i wonder how many real madrid fans were fans before the arrival of CR7? just goes to show you the number of glory hunters in the world.

  13. Aren’t/Weren’t Madrid owned by the state? I heard that they were owned by the Spanish royal family. Maybe I’m wrong.

  14. and to say that the only good player on city is silva is retarded 🙂 you should seriously reread all your statements before you post them. the team won the premier league…kompany, toure, tevez, aguero, these guys are all world class. balotelli, rodwell, these are all also future stars 🙂 and lets not pretend maicon isnt better than arbeloa 🙂 cheers

  15. lol both clubs are money clubs who spend a shitload on players…but what can you do if your youth academies can’t produce excellent footballers like barcelona’s, even without lack of trying? you buy players with the money you have, doesnt matter how you got it. the only difference is real balances its books at the end of the year, and that doesnt give anyone the right to criticize anyone else for spending excessively 🙂 city’s spending like crazy now in order to make profits in the future

  16. The interviewer is a fucking cunt. I hate the bones of him. Gabriel clarke. Who calls their kid fucking gabriel ?

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