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  1. bull shit hammered at ot 6.1 dont give us only had 10 men should have been 4 or 5 at city better players than you rooney vidic nani evra would get in citys team thats it talking luck john terry champions league moscow taking that penalty slipped what are the chances of that happening 1 in a thousand thats luck

  2. ‘Hey Jude’ by the Beatles. When it get’s to the ‘hey Jude’ bit the City fans are singing ‘Ci-ty’.

  3. I’ve always been a Malaga and Man city fan from months!!11!! Blue until I diee!! Congrats Man City from the Philippines 🙂

  4. Haha i’m genuinely shocked.i was expecting another tirade of abuse.but credit for being a man about it and seeing my side.Congrats on the title,especially how you did it Sunday.It was quite unbelivable.SPEND WISELY!!!

  5. Right, let’s call a truce. Dennis Irwin was in my top 3 favourite all-time United players and if you’re from Dublin i must admit you have to look a bit further afield for a big or biggish team to support. Didn’t really mean to upset you and i’m sure you didn’t mean to upset me either. Good Luck for next season (except for the derby games) and let’s hope we’re arguing over a video of a Manchester team lifting that trophy next May. All the best thedewylad1…..(hope it’s City, though!)

  6. Do you not understand what Congratulations to City means.explain to me how that is trolling? I am from Dublin,the nearest teams to me are hooligans,you are guarenteed to see trouble at every match.why would i support that? I started following Man United the day Denis Irwin signed.Because he was my favourite Irish player at the time.1990.Who was the best team in England in 1990? Liverpool by miles.So im no glory hunter.what are you on about deleting comments,probably a different argument you had

  7. Well if you read the comment correctly you would see that I wasn’t ‘sniping’ I was being truthful. And calling people wankers because they go to watch their team play isn’t very logical is it ?

  8. “i would understand if i had actually insulted you!” Quote from the first sentence of your very first reply to me “you absolute fucking dickhead”. That my friend is where you first insulted me.”resorting to the hole where you are from” I am actually from Old Trafford born and bred, that’s why i’m a City fan.Over 2,000 words and you still won’t say where you live or are from. Please tell me why you support United and what you’re doing trolling City videos, i think you want to be a Blue deep down!

  9. Still not answered my question. And why don’t you re-instate the posts that you’ve deleted?City’s team costs about the same as United, your argument stinks.We’ve more or less sold out the stadium ever since we moved there, 6 years before the Sheik. Why are you avoiding the important matter of where you live.Give me a reasonable explanation of why you support United and not your local team and i’ll treat you with respect, tell me you’re from Manchester and i’ll call it quits. Thanks.

  10. Haha,I don’t know anything? I know you are one angry over cocky twat, who has all of a sudden grown a pair because City have bought the league title.Resorting to the hole where are you from rubbish as they all do.I would understand if i had actually insulted you or Man City,but i actually paid compliments and you go off on one.I tell you what come back when City win the Champions League,or a 20th title,or a treble,or even have a home grown player player in your team (which you didn’t on Sunday)

  11. Smalling, Jones, Cleverly, Fabio, Rafael, De Gea, Welbeck, Rooney, Hernandez. One excellent player, Smalling. The rest are either really awful or massively over rated, or both. Where exactly are you from anyway, Mister Manyoo? Please be a jolly good fellow and let me know ASAP because it’s quite an important factor when discussing the finer points of MANCHESTER football with someone as avid as you. Shouldn’t you be on your own team’s videos anyway? Saddo or what!

  12. Oh, by the way, 200,000 people to watch City parade the trophy. Same parade last year for United, and it was a Bank Holiday Monday not a working monday evening, attracted a grand total of……wait for it……2 thousand 100 people. Presume you were there last year, being an avid Red an’ all. What’s it like to be United , what’s it like to be small (in this city anyway, Manchester that is).

  13. He isn’t Indian and you’re not from Manchester (guaranteed). And rich, so fucking what, be no good if he was skint would it.Give me a miss, mate, you’re obviously clueless. Anyway, GET OFF THIS FUCKING PAGE, IT’S NOT FOR SNIPING CUNTS LIKE YOU. Thank you.

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