25 replies on “Manchester City Champions 2012”

  1. That would just make his and many others’ loyal support even more impressive. Fans of certain other clubs would have given up decades ago.

  2. Respect, I support Celtic aswell as City coming from an Irish background, was so happy to see rangers die… finally!

  3. look forward to this season to seeing your dad again seeing us win and that steward was doing a good job

  4. Your Dad reminds me of my Father in law who was a lifelong blue. Unfortunately we lost him a couple of years ago so he never got the chance to see this wonderous day. His smile would have been as big as your Dads had he been there.
    Great video, it made me very emotional.

  5. I’m a Celtic fan and can’t even imagine what that day must have been like for City fans. To wait 44 years for glory, and to steal it from the scum in the way you did, must have been a dream come true. Congrats <3

  6. neil lost my dad 18 years ago pal and you are spot on its a great moment captured happy days !

  7. just gets better this video the more i see it ! your old fella is quality happy days

  8. I lost my dad last year, & he would have been exactly like this……so happy!!
    Thanks for the great video, a truly great moment captured brilliantly….Any chance of sharing on mobiles too

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