18 replies on “Man City champions 2012, Blue Moon (first version)”

  1. will say by a long way the best title win ever im an arsenal fan will always be but city deserve it so well done

  2. FOrza city….when all my school friend told me that city city will lose i told them city will never give up we will win!!!! and now they bite their tounge!!

  3. @scraper0191 yes yes old Noel Gallagher, Celtic fan, hidden UNITED fan… you’re not arrogant eh… you’re GOD ahahaha stop moaning about everything and being a jinx. You lost, we won also against you unlucky bugger

  4. cry, cry in to your manu scarf. Everybody knows that Sunday is going to be a formalisation of everything that has happened in the past 5-6 weeks. Congratulations on second place. You should be proud.. heh

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