Manchester City’s loss against Liverpool not only saw the team of Manuel Pellegrini losing their pace for their charge at the top of the Premier League but during the match Yaya Toure had to be removed from the match as he sustained a muscle injury.

The degree of Toure’s injury and his full recovery still remains unclear as even the coach of the club, Pellegrini revealed that it take Youre from 2 weeks to the remainder of the season to recover.

The medical staff of the club is doing ongoing physical tests and scans in order to diagnose the severity of his injury, according to the france honduras cote site. Manchester City has crucial matches left to be played and the absence of a player such as Yaya Toure will certainly be felt by the squad.

Pellegrini talked about the situation of the club and of Yaya Toure after Manchester City’s match against Liverpool concluded.

The Chilean told Sky Sports: “It’s difficult for Yaya to be in the next game. We will see tomorrow, I don’t know how serious he is injured.

“I think it will be difficult for him to finish playing this season. We will continue fighting, nothing is finished today. If Liverpool win their four games that they have to play and win 14 games in a row they’ deserve to be the champions. If they don’t win their four games, we are going to be’’.

He added: “It was a disappointing day because we lost a game that we didn’t deserve to lose. We played very well, particularly in the second half and the last 15 minutes of the first half’’.

“We had clear chances to score, but football is made from good things and mistakes, and we made a mistake and they won the game’’. Pellegrini said.