Leiva on plans To leave the Reds

Liverpool midfielder Leiva has reportedly started to search for some new club post making just 3 competitive starts during the initial 3 months this season.

The Brazilian player commenced League Cup triumph over Middlesbrough yet has been sadly overlooked for a major part this season. His last appearance was in the West Bromwich Premier League match early October. In total, Leiva has been ticked on in 8 among Liverpool’s twelve match day squads during this term.

The Liverpool midfielder has trickled down further the pecking roster at Anfield  after the sign up of Can (Emre) whom Liverpool grabbed from Leverkusen. The Brazilian has revealed about his plans of reigniting attempts to come out of the Reds. His earlier endeavor to shift to Napoli collapsed down last summer but the player is all set to take another chance.

“I am not speaking with any club at present since I am under contract here. However, I’m certainly looking around as I’m not playing at the moment”, said Lucas while approached to say a few words about his decision to shift from Liverpool.

“There were discussions with Napoli past summer, however, the parties did not reach up to any satisfactory agreement”, he continued. “The Napoli situation was not much advantageous for everybody but in spite of that, I do know that Rafa always believes in me.”

“I long to play yet I should be patient”, he continued. “I have to come up with a good solution, whether with the Reds or some another club. There’re rumors threading me to Spanish club Atletico, yet it was not anything concrete. I should think about cutting my ties off Liverpool as there’s no space for me here.”

Lucas’ plans to leave the Reds would be certainly disappointing for Rodgers since the man planned to build up a powerful team with the Brazilian midfielder as one his strongest supports.