25 replies on “Highlights Man City – QPR: City Champions 2012!”

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  2. Man U are in debt because of their twat owners (I think the original debt was 850 million, which was slowly paid off). Ferguson also said City were the biggest threat at the start of the season.

  3. Argentina got all the class players like Messi Tevez Higuain Aguaro Di Maria Milito Macherano Zabaleta Zinetti blah blah..I dont knw why they still cant win…!!!!

  4. Really??? Even though it took them three-and-half years since the takeover, an end-of-season Utd collapse, plus they nearly lost it before the most amazing injury-time fightback seen in recent times… If that’s buying the title, God knows what it must be like to work hard for it!!!

  5. Wow – was this 1968? The quality is as if it was this was from the Maine Road days.

  6. Its funny how Premier League are the richest league in the world. Yet they cant even show highlights on TV or Internet. Welcome to the stonage, stupid english men.

  7. Not a city fan but well done to them, Deserved that, and what a fucking end to a season, will be remembered till the next time I get drunk

  8. neither city or united fan but city deserves to be the champ. This year they’re way better than united….the best finale ever in EPL! enjoy it as a football fan

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