19 replies on “Extended Highlights: France v Ireland | NatWest 6 Nations”

  1. Don't worry guys, we lost to Ireland, Scotland, and produced a mediocre win against Italy. All so we could get in the right mood to kick some british ass. After all, that's what we love most.

  2. Unfortunately gonna have to block this channel and stop it showing up in search results because some brain dead pig shit thick thoughtless twat keeps putting the scores in the video title.

  3. This game makes me ponder about England in Paris, could unexpectedly be the banana skin that costs them a potential grand slam.

  4. Struggled to beat the French who Scotland have just won and they didn't need a late kick to do it.

    Good look to you and all your plastic paddy fans against the Welsh.

  5. Credit to Ireland for getting the win but this isn't a great france team. I remember as an Ireland fan when Frédéric Michalak was playing around 2002/2003 for france they were a completely different team and Ireland would be lucky to pull of a result against them

  6. No Jamie Roberts and Jonathon Davies meant no relentless Warrenball rhino crash ad infinitum. The best handling Wales performance I've seen for years.

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