25 replies on “Champions League preview: David Silva previews Manchester City v Villarreal”

  1. I’ve honestly never seen anyone smile like him. Enough to light up a fucking room. Lovely, lovely guy.

  2. I agree that Silva is a great player, but Messi is from another world.


  3. well there was a pic of another girl other than his family aft the champions league win celebration on the pitch,it’s around tumblr.but aft that none,nobody knows for sure =(

  4. In an interview, he said”I am still trying to kearn the language. My english is getting better all the time.”

  5. yes.He said only two phrases in English.maybe he just knows these phrases.

  6. youtube doesn’t allow links so type in “Manchester City vs Everton 2-0 – David Silva & Vincent Kompany (24-09-11)” on the youtube search bar and click on the first vid

  7. he can speak english..there’s a video where he speaks english in the post match interview after the everton game

  8. Quiza David Silva no pueda expresarse bien en Ingles , por eso habla en español que es su lengua materna .Pero silva si que se expresa de lo mejor en el campo de juego y por ello el FUTBOL NO TIENE IDIOMA NI FRONTERAS …;)

  9. In general i don’t particularly like City. It’s good modern entertainment but i just think the way they have gone about quite literally buying trophies isn’t good for football but hey there’s nothing we can do to stop it. The one thing i do like is David Silva though, seems very humble polite and is amazingly talented. Lot of respect for this little fella.

  10. Prove to me that Stone can destroy possibly the ‘best footballing side ever to play the game’ at home. Stoke would get destroyed. Also yea Busquets is crap, he is only playing for the best side in the world club and national level. 🙂

  11. How are they better? And why is it a lie? And Busquets can’t do shit. Dribbling? No. Passing? No. Shooting? No.  And the fact that Stoke can destroy even Barca at home proves the competition of the Prem League.

  12. Messi and Ronaldo are obviously better than Messi. Your first comment about only winning if you dive is obviously a lie and Busquets is a good midfielder, otherwise he wouldnt play for the best team in the world at club and national level. Then your comment about Stoke is totally unrelated to this argument.

  13. Did I ever say Messi was shit? Did I say CR sucked ass? No.
    CR7 and Messi played in a league where if you don’t dive you’ll lose. The fact that Busquets is considered a brilliant midfielder when he hasn’t even an inch of talent proves that. In the Premier League, there’s variety. I mean, look at Stoke. Even we, City, are scared shitless of played Stoke at their ground, because of the support they get. Oh dear, yes let’s all flock to the common view without thinking things through.

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