9 replies on “Ajax 3-1 Man City / Champions League – Mancini Interview 24/10/2012”

  1. When your players come out and say they don’t know the system you enforce then I think something is very wrong.

  2. We beated United in February, we beated City today and we will beat City again in two weeks. Manchester is our second city! Ajax Jews, Superjews!

  3. He’s too good to manage that scum. Get it up you city, get it up you. Manchester is red

  4. It’s alright, I mean when you spend £500 Million you deserve the Carling Cup and Prem you’ve won over the last 3 years. I mean that is SUCESS! LOOOL

  5. dude, seriously …
    He wins the title HE IS LOVED
    He loses in Champions League and thats it man fucking shoot him hang him.

    Its ridiculous , players need to shape up fuck the 3 at the back and all that shit yeah sure its a stupid Idea , but you have world class players who should be able to compete under anything. City has spent so much money and shit and they cant play a certain way.
    He summed it up
    Tactic is RUN AND SCORE

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